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I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer located in Denver, Colorado.  I love traveling, trying new things, being outside, and making memories with those around me.  I've been taking photos professionally for about 4 years now but have known I wanted to be a photographer since I was 15 (for real).  I never feel more alive than when I get to document beauty, love, or creativity.  I'm blessed to be able to call this my career and am so thankful for the people and places it has taken me to.

There's nothing better than feeling passionate about something - I gather my passion for photography and creativity from a lot of different areas in my personal life and put my all into the photos I take.  I'm constantly inspired by my faith, the love, grace, and worth I have received from Jesus is the thing that brings meaning to my life and work.  I'm inspired by my husband, the way he pursues me, encourages and supports me to follow my dreams, and the way he accepts me for who I am.  He's my best friend and things are always more fun with him around.  And lastly, I find inspiration from the multitude of insanely talented and creative people I have in my life and wouldn't be where I am today without them!

I love raw, natural moments and I try to incorporate that into my photography.  My goal is to make you feel something through my work.  Having your love documented is special and, in my opinion, shouldn't be stiff, posed, or uncomfortable.  You don't have to be a model to look bomb in front of the camera.  It's my job to help incorporate you into your photos, the sly smiles, the sneak kisses, all of it.

I want to create something with you that captures the best of you and your love.  Years from now, I want your photos to be treasures that remind you of sweet memories.  Let's make some magic together!