Krystal and Dan... such a beautiful couple.  When we first met and they asked me to document their big day I knew it was gonna be great.  Two beach loving surf bums tying the knot in one of the prettiest locations - I was all in!  These two are more than just beautiful though, they are kind and loving towards each other and also their friends and family.  So much heart went into their day and you could really feel the love and support for them from all their favorite people that came to celebrate with them.  

Watching their faces during the speeches was one of my absolute favorite moments of the day.  Through those speeches I learned a lot about them - Krystal is a light, bringing joy, optimism, and a contagious smile to those around her, and Dan is strong, reliable, and level headed making him a great friend and now husband.


Jaicee Morgan

Artistic lifestyle and wedding photographer.