I'm so very thankful to be where I am today - I've definitely made huge strides in these first few years of my business and I have a lot of fellow photographers to thank for that!  It hasn't been easy but it's been an adventure and I love that I'm able to return the favor by helping others however I can!

During your mentorship session, we can talk about whatever you'd like or need help with, here are a few areas I'm especially passionate about:

  • Finding Inspiration 
  • Posing (couples or individuals)
  • Interacting with clients + finding your ideal client 
  • Editing Techniques 
  • Wedding day process 
  • Portfolio review

Owning and running a business can feel really big and scary - my goal with these mentorships is to encourage, assist, and guide you through some of the areas that are holding you back from success.




We'll meet up at a local coffee shop or via FaceTime for 1 hour for a Q+A - we can talk about as many or little topics as you would like!




For 1 hour we'll take turns shooting and interacting with a real couple (that I provide), ask questions along the way, and then take photos of the couple yourself!




We can meet and hang out for an hour to chat about what you're struggling with or want to learn, go out and have our live shoot session, and then edit the photos we took together!


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