Let me first say, this day, our wedding day, was truly the best day ever.  

I don't say that to brag, it just really was the best day of my life!  Danny and I put our hearts and souls into this day.  Hours upon hours of planning, stress, budgeting, tears, and laughs.  Planning a wedding can be the worst but at the end of it, you should be proud of the day you created, and we totally were.

Being in the wedding industry made a lot of things easier for us but also made some things more difficult.  I was afraid that, since I've seen soooo many weddings, that I would have a hard time enjoying my own.  That couldn't have been further from the truth.  From day one of our engagement, Danny and I said that we wanted to do our wedding our own way.  That we wanted the day to last as long as possible.  And that we wanted only the people that we truly wanted there, the people that had meant the most to us and had had the biggest impact on our relationship.

What that looked like was us spending a lot of time planning out the events of the day - making sure that we didn't clutter it with events that didn't have meaning to us (cake cutting, garter / bouquet toss, etc.)  Not that I don't like these things, they just didn't serve meaning to us so we decided, why do them?  We also put a ton of time into choosing our vendors, most of them friends.  For us, this made the day so incredibly special.  

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Lauren Scotti, our photographer, is the woman that taught me the ropes of wedding photography, she documented Danny and I's relationship start to finish (dating, proposal, engagement, and now wedding).  


Our florist, Allie Loy of Bloomwell & Co, my former roommate from college, someone that just lights up the room when she walks in and TOTALLY got what I wanted.  Simple greens that let the day and the venue speak for itself.


MUSIC - a couple of Danny's great friends wrote an acoustic song and performed it live for me to walk down the aisle to.  They then played along while one of my bridesmaids (Maddie Mayjack) sang our first dance (Bloom by The Paper Kites).  Danny's brother, Dustin, then took over to DJ our dance party.

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Justin Vasquez did our video.  This was a HUGE blessing for us, we were running low on our budget and were starting to think we weren't going to be able to have a videographer.  I just happened to be hanging out with some photo friends, including Justin, and telling them how planning was coming, including our video predicament.  Justin so generously offered to help us out, and honestly, I wouldn't have changed a single thing.  We absolutely love our video and loved having Justin be there - you can see the video at the end of this gallery. 


Our bar was something we also put a lot of thought into.  Danny was bartending at the time and we had both really started to enjoy the craft cocktail scene.  In addition to creating a custom cocktail menu, Danny + his best man made their own craft beer for the night.  We had one of our close friends Carlos behind the bar making the drinks for everyone, this was definitely one of the highlights for us.


In addition the all the amazing vendors above, we also had these amazing people round out our day:

Dress - Glamour Closet

Suit - H&M 

Food - Mr. Manitas Fruteria

Venue - Julian Station

Rentals - Folklore Vintage Rentals

Jaicee Morgan

Artistic lifestyle and wedding photographer.